How To Double Airtel Data Plans

Airtel Double data offer is now available,just like you know about. In this Airtel double you data plans you can get 3gb for #1000 #7Gb for #2000, 18Gb for #4000.


As usual you know that airtel usually zap their datasso I can tell for sure if same thing applies for this thire newly released double data, Unlike mtn own which doesn’t zap their 3gb is 3gb.

How to double your Airtel data plans 

Dial *496# to double 1.5gb to 3Gb for #1000

Dial *437# To double 3.5gb to 7gb for #2000

Dial *438*1# to double 9gb to 18gb for #4000

Please Note before you can double your airtel data plans you must receive the message above from Airtel


I can’t tell for sure if those who didn’t receive that message are eligible to double their own data plans. Unlike mtn where everyone is eligible to double their data plans.

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