Dog Performs Faultless ‘Mannequin Challenge’ And It’s Hilarious

Dog Performs Faultless ‘Mannequin Challenge’ And It’s Hilarious

mannequin challenge

As the Mannequin Challenge becomes the rave of the moment on social media, an unexpected participant has emerged – a dog.

Boston is seen in a viral clip holding different poses as the anthem to the challenge, Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd, plays on.

In the video, the boxer dog holds still on the dining table, at the kitchen sink, oven, couch, and even plays dead. The added humour to the video was seeing Boston  wearing different costumes at different scenes of the challenge.

The American dog owner, Ryan Thomas, shared the video on Twitter. He showed his well-trained dog mastering the mannequin challenge in a variety of poses which would seem complex for a four-legged animal. “My dog has the best #mannequinchallenge,” he wrote.

Thomas even joked that the mannequin challenge isn’t the only trick Boston can perform. “He actually is a really great ping-pong player,” he tweeted alongside a photo of the dog posing with a paddle and ping-pong balls.

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