Woman Sues Zara After Finding Dead Mouse Sewn Into Her Dress

Woman Sues Zara After Finding Dead Mouse Sewn Into Her Dress


A woman in New York, USA is suing retail company Zara after claiming she found a dead mouse sewn into her dress.

24-year-old Caisey Fiesel says she bought the dress from a Zara store and noticed it had a “disturbingly pungent odour” when she first wore it at work a few weeks later.

I felt something brushing up against my leg and thought it was a string from the seam of the dress,” she told theNew York Post.

When I went to pull at it, it didn’t feel like a string. I then felt the hem of the dress and it felt like there was some sort of sensor.”

Fiesel says she then discovered what she was feeling was in fact the dead animal’s paw.

The mouse (aronmoney/Reddit)

I turned up the seam of the dress and saw it was not a sensor and that it was a mouse,” she said.

Ms Fiesel’s lawsuit says she suffered emotional distress from the incident, and contracted a rash that was diagnosed as a “rodent-born disease”.

Her lawyer, Adam Deutsch, says Zara is known for having a “quick turn-around time”, and that the speed at which their clothing is produced can lead to mistakes such as this.

The dress was reportedly made in Turkey.

A spokesperson for Zara USA said the company is investigating the matter.

Zara USA has stringent health and safety standards, and we are committed to ensuring that all of our products meet these rigorous requirements,” they said.

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